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"Don't know how to place them, but I really like them."


"Two Men With Beards and a Baby," really touched me."


"Loved that I could hear the words"


"You just don't know what's coming next - camp. political, funny, sad, mad."


(Audience quotes)


News is Dino and the Diamonds have been shortlisted for a Saboteur Award in the Collaborative Project category! Wow! Thanks so much everyone who voted for us! We love you! Please vote for us again for the finals! 


 link : Saboteur Awards 2019


Here's a bit about us.


Poet Konstandinos (Dino) Mahoney has been collaborating with musician/composer, Steve Halliwell, and backing singer/percussion, Clare Harriot, on a project to marry poetry and music by turning some of

Dino's poems into songs for performance.  Over the last year Dino and the Diamonds have performed new songs in pubs, clubs and art spaces to entertain and get feedback. They are are now making a CD of the poems/songs and shooting a music video.


Dino & Steve started collaborating a few years ago. At that time they went for a retro disco sound. In 2018 they decided to go simple, put away the synth and electronics and go acoustic with Clare as backing singer and percussion - the Dino & The Diamonds project was born.

It's been an amazing year and Dino & the Diamonds have been getting a great response. They're at the stage where they've been doing smaller poetry/music events in fringe venues but their aim is to reach audiences outside London and at music & poetry festivals. They are excited by the music/poetry crossover, making poetry more accessible through music, and reaching new audiences. 


Dino recently won publication of his poetry collection TUTTI FRUTTI in the Sentinel Poetry Book Competition 2017. Copies can be bought through Amazon